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JB & Groove Fiery - Biography

Take JB's lyrical style accompanied by steady rhthyms and lots of fire and you will be grooving to JB & Groove Fiery.

» On The Northwest Scene for Over a Decade «

Jb and his band have been stimulating the Northwest underground scenes for over a decade. JB's has a unique style of delivering obscene realities with humor backed by some of the rootiest rhythms in Seattle. Playing on stages from the Bohemian night club in Pioneer Square to stages at The Northwest Reggae on the River Festival,The Northwest Folklife Festival, and the Gorge, and all the way to Hawaii, and New Zealand JB has the ability and confidence to work the crowd with his professional passion for getting it done!

» Sweet Sounds From Antigua «

Hailing from the Caribbean island of St. John's,Antigua, JB has brought his island roots to his music. His roots can be traced back to the young age of eight when he began playing steel drums and chanting to his favorite rhythms on stage whenever invited. This natural talent developed into writing, arranging and composing music in both Steel drums,Soca and Reggae. Since relocating to the Northwest, JB has followed his musical journey and most recently landed JB & Groove Fiery. A calabash of musicians bringing there experiences from a variety of genres and adapting this rough island reggae style...the result is intoxicating.

» Infectious. Consistent. Positive. «

JB's infectious blend of roots reggae, rude-boy/ragga, dancehall, lovers rock with a dash of humor poured over JB's high energy stage presence is a performance that always adds life to the party.

Five years and counting, Groove Fiery has been consistently rocking and grooving crowds of all ages with their sultry dance beats, wailing horns and JB's baritone voice. JB & Groove Fiery is a band that people remember.

A positive musical experience everytime!!

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