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King Danskie

The Swankie Don, aka,
King Danskie™

King Danskie, formerly known as Wanskie, is a long-time reggae artist. He switched primarily to soca in 2002 when he entered into the Antigua and Barbuda Calypso and Soca Monarch competitions that year.

Earning the first runner up spot in the Soca Monarch competition in 2002, Danskie was determined to take the first spot. In 2003 he reentered the Soca Monarch competition and took control of the stage. His dazzling performance, which pleased the crowd and judges alike, sealed the coveted title and he was crowned the Soca Monarch King that year (gaining the title King Danskie).

King Danskie traveled to Trinidad and Tobago in 2003 and 2004. He performed at Trinidad's Soca Monarch competition. At this event, King Danskie showcased his talent along with some of the Caribbean's best artists. His hit songs More Gyal and Soca Call Me were his chosen renditions for the competition. King Danskie proudly represented Antigua and was placed 7th overall amongst 15 contenders.

King Danskie, The Swankie Don

To date, King Danskie now has three albums to his credit. Swankie Music, I.C.U., and Tek It To Dem.

Album: Tek It To Dem

The newest release, July 2014, takes us to another dimension in King Danskie's art. There are many collborations with new artists and more unique music than ever before. The album reflects King Danskie's transformation as an artist beginning with a rousing love song, and culminates with an aggressively energetic, heart-thumping party song. A climax...into another dimension.

Album: I.C.U.

I.C.U, released in 2012, features 7 songs and finds King Danskie in a more subdued tone. Sneaky Freak and Finders Keepers both reflect the artist's softer side. You are still kept on your toes as his deep and passionate voice takes your imagination to a different level with his unique expression of love. On the other hand, Represent Your Country is energy filled--representing the Danskie's versatility and ever-present energy.

Album: Swankie Music

Swankie Music, which was released in September of 2011, features 19 of King Danskie's hits. The album represents his swankie style--a phrase original to the King himself. His charmingly swanky style deeply permeates the lyrics and musical vibes of each song.