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I Love Soca Highlights - July 19

Unique Combination Event - July 19

Album Release/I love Soca Party Combo Event

King Danskie releases his highly anticipated release album, Tek it To Dem, for 2014.

This album portrays the highly creative and energetic artist as he transforms and progresses to the "next dimension" in the artform.

Starting off with Give It To Me Girl, the album begins with an even tempo and crescendos to Pressure, which is a heart-thumping and aggressive song, highly characteristic of King Danskie's style.

Danskie shares the album with a number of artists as can be seen in Funny Ways, in which he features Lola G., an upcoming Antiguan artist. Bottles After Bottles is Leepee Ching's tune featuring Danskie. Smoke And Jump Up features the new artists Beng and Diva.

Bitter and Run, sang by Kiyode Erasto and Bless Iye, respectively, are on the same riddim as Jam which Danskie performs with Yoko, a fellow veteran Antiguan artist.

Tek It To Dem delivers Danskie's party music style to the fullest. This high-powered soca album is a must for any soca lover's music collection.

Tek It To Dem - Available 7/19/2014 on ITunes, Amazon, CDBaby and many other online distribution outlets.

Fully Artist-Supported

The Party: I love Soca

Presented by Strictly The Best Saturdays and MaHDD Energy™.

It's a combo album release and concert. Your entertainment package is packed!

If you need a picker upper or you just want to have fun, this is the concert to experience. Treat yourself to the unique MaHDD Energy™ style of entertainment. Each of these artists are well experienced in performing for huge crowds in several different Soca Monarch competitions, festivals and many other events.

Each performance is BOUND to entertain.